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:: Menstrual Problems ::
Herbal Content
Centaury, Chamomile flower, St. johns wort, Horehound, Yarrow, Mother of thyme, Black cohosh, Dong Quai

Menstrual Relief

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  • MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS TEA is a natural solution to promote healthy menstrual cycles and relieve:

    -Irregular menstrual cycles
    -Inflammations of the uterus
    -Heart palpitations

    Whether you have too much or too little menstrual bleeding, it often
    comes down to a hormonal imbalance. Herbs, nutrients, and dietary changes can help restore the balance.

    A woman's menstrual cycle is strongly influenced by diet, physical exercise, and emotions. The symptoms of PMS can be alleviated by avoiding synthetic hormones, either in the form of birth control pills or the even more dangerous hormones found in dairy and meat. For example, cows bred for milk production are given large amounts of hormones and antibiotics to increase their production, and animals bred for their meat are injected with massive doses of hormones to
    increase their weight for sale, and are fed diets with pesticide-laced

    SUGGESTIONS: Drink 2-3 cups a day of Menstrual Tea, exercise has shown benefits in lessening PMS. Use only hormone-free meats,
    poultry, and dairy products. Eat soy foods regularly, eliminate all
    sources of caffeine.

    We can also suggest cleansing your liver: when your liver is not functioning properly, it is unable to eliminate the majority of estrogenic chemicals and
    natural estrogens from the body as it is meant to do. Then both kinds
    of estrogen end up being reabsorbed through the intestines back
    into the bloodstream. The body now has more estrogen than it needs, which causes havoc.

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