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Herbal Content
Burdock root, Chamomile flower, Persian walnut, Nettle root, Nettle leaf


  • HAIR TEA acts as a scalp tonic and helps stimulate growth, cleanses and tightens pores in the head to prevent hair loss.

    Although hair loss is an integral part of the aging process, its impact is most pronounced in young people who suffer from a condition called androgenetic alopecia (AGA), which causes accelerated hair loss. AGA is commonly called male pattern baldness but, in fact, occurs in both men and women.

    Some of the causes for hair loss are hormonal imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiency, the lack of assimilation of nutrients, stress, disease, X-ray therapy, anesthesia, medications, drastic reducing diets, pesticide poisoning, obesity, diabetes or other disease.

    The hair needs to be kept clean. Toxins are eliminated through the scalp. Dr. Henry Lindlahr, in his book, Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics, said "Dandruff and failing hair are caused by the elimination of systemic poisoning through the scalp. The thing to do is not to suppress this elimination and thereby cause accumulation of poisons in the brain, but to stop the manufacture of poison in the body and to promote its removal through the natural channels."

    SUGGESTIONS: Rinse hair thoroughly with 1-2 cups of Hair Loss Tea after every wash.

    A clean internal body is essential to prevent poisons accumulating in the head area, cleanse your liver with Liver Cleanse Tea. A natural food diet, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, sprouts, vegetable juices, green drinks, seeds, nuts and eliminating sugar, white flour products and caffeine drinks is recommended.

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