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:: Gall Bladder ::
Herbal Content
Agrimony leaf, Germander, Buckthorn bark, Peppermint leaf, Yarrow, Goldilocks flower, Milk thistle

Gall Bladder

  • Problems with the gall bladder and biliary system are very common and consist of inflammation of the gall bladder and bile ducts, muscular spasms and/or poor contraction of the gall bladder wall, stones forming in the gall bladder and/or bile ducts and obstruction to the free flow of bile.

    Gall Bladder problems are caused by production of toxic bile by the liver, inadequate production of bile by the liver, sluggish flow of bile, excess amounts of cholesterol in the bile resulting in stone formation, infection of the gall bladder, poor dietary choices with excess consumption of fatty foods, dairy products and fried foods, the hormonal changes, the oral contraceptive pill and some types of hormone replacement therapy and/or some types of blood disorders.

    Gall Bladder Tea  is highly recommended for cleansing, especially if you are dieting, fasting or reducing your fat intake. It works very, well and is highly effective against pain from gall bladder irritation, inflammation and flare ups. It will help balance and tone as well as detox the gall bladder.

    It has a good flavor and a drop of honey may be added for sweetness.

    Gall Bladder Tea can be taken in conjunction with Liver Cleanse Teaand Kidney Cleanse Tea to aid all digestive and urinary organs.

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