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Herbal Content
Birch leaf, Mulberry leaf, Wormwood, Bilberry, Pansy violet, 


  • There are 21 million Americans who are diabetic and almost half of them don't know it! The life expectancy of the diabetic is shortened by one third, however, the sooner diabetes is detected the sooner lifestyle changes can begin, increasing life expectancy to a large degree. This insidious disease is the third leading killer in this country - behind heart disease and cancer. Overweight people are at greater risk for diabetes.

    This disease, generally speaking, is characterized by great thirst, increase of urine and weight loss. There can be a general weariness (fatigue), reduced sexual drive, vision impairment, itching, neuropathy and numbness in the extremities. Also, there are a number of other complications resulting from a lowering of resistance.

    The key to managing diabetes is Early Detection (with continuing qualified medical supervision) followed by sensible DIET and EXERCISE programs and 2-3 cups of Diabetes Tea daily. For best results it is recommended to cleanse the kidneys, see Kidney Tea and Blood Circulation Tea.

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