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Nettle root, Shavegrass, Elder flower, Burdock root, Juniper berries, St.johns wort, Yarrow, Sage leaf, Centaury, Rosemary leaf, Persian walnut leaf, Plantain leaf

Blood Cleanse

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  • BLOOD CLEANSE TEA cleanses and purifies the blood stream and steadily tones up the organs which may not be able to remove impurities from the blood. The Tea stimulates the lymphatic glands.

    The benefits of proper blood cleanse:

    -Improves brain function
    -Thinking responses are quicker
    -Improves heart function
    -Increases proper waste elimination through the skin.
    -Increases proper digestion and elimination.
    -Health of abdominal organs are increased:liver and kidneys.
    -Energy is increased, prevents fatigue.
    -Increases kidney health to prevent high blood pressure.

    One of the most important jobs of the blood is to supply oxygen to each of some sixty trillion cells. The blood transports nutrients, eliminates toxic waste material, and sends messages via the hormones it carries from the endocrine glands. So if the blood is contaminated you can be pretty sure the whole body will be affected. The problem arises when the liver becomes congested and is unable to perform its normal eliminative function. The toxins build up and are dumped into the blood stream. When the kidneys are congested, the toxins also back up into the blood. When toxic blood becomes congested and has nowhere to eliminate, it has to find a substitute avenue of elimination or the person would literally die.

    SUGGESTIONS: Drink 2-3 cups a day of Blood Cleanse Tea. Also cleanse your: liver, kidneys and colon.

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