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Herbal Content
Elecampane root, Yarrow flower, Coltsfoot leaf, Elder flower, Rosehip, Nettle leaf, Plantain leaf, Blackberry leaf


SKU: 0012
  • ALLERGY TEA helps relieve:
    -Runny nose and sneezing
    -Itchy, watery eyes
    -Sinus pain and pressure
    -Nasal congestion

    Allergies occur when the immune system becomes over sensitive to foreign substances such as: dust, pollen, animal hair, chemicals and molds.

    Natural treatment involves identifying and avoiding the food allergens:
    -Avoiding dairy products and whole grains
    -Replacing animal protein as much as possible with plant protein
    -Eating organically grown fruits and vegetables.

    SUGGESTIONS: Drink 2-3 cups a day of Allergy Tea, and cleanse your liver with Liver Cleanse Tea.

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